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Development Progress

A list of our (active) bots and how finished they are!






TimeLine of our bots and their developments

4th September 2018

Ebot (1.0)!

Ebot 1.0 is released to the public! With minimum knowlege of python, we started this bot in 'discord red'!

27 November 2018

Ebot 2.0

Ebot 2.0 is one of our best bots so far. While it is on this list, it is not officially hosted anymore due to the outdated library that it uses, and was never converted.

this bot contained nearly every command topic from invite, server and user infos to advanced moderation. Ebot did it's service and basically kickstarted our development! 

8 March 2019


Not many peolple have heard of this dude, since he didnt last long before ebot 2.0 took over. it was our first attempt at a sleek, tidy frontend design. it never kicked off though.

22 March 2019


YourLocalBot is our best bot on offer so far - with features like mass banning users, transferring messages, extreme user/server/role/channel info and even server cloning! this is by far the most advanced bot we have made and plan to keep going!

5 may 2018


With yourlocalbot's very successful bump feature, we decided to create an entire bot dedicated to this! Bumpr has been through the rough and tough and is currently recovering and is not very actively being worked on.

26 July 2019


YourApps! is a very early, closed-alpha bot designed to manage applications within discord to ease the stress of staff management!

20 August 2019


Mixing YourLocalBot and PockeTool all into one, supertool is already one of the best, most wanted bots made by dragdev studios!


See what the people themselves say!

YourLocalBot is one of a kind, it features unique but effective commands in a range of different categories and will ensure your server is not only equipped with fun commands but will make sure it's secure too!

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Bots will take over the world sometime, so why not embrace bots and get this one! It has many commands like ban, kick, and mute! Better get this bot before it gets you.
(We are not responsible for any deaths of users while using this bot.)
Embrace tech... Get YLB now 

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